Formula 1

This is what the Formula 1 of the future will look like


As Formula 1 has grown over the past few years, there are no plans to slow down.

Considering that new races, such as Saudi Arabia, pay around 100 million euros to host a Grand Prix, Liberty Media and the FIA’s new expansive vision makes sense.

In 2030, new engines and zero-emission fuel will be introduced, but it’s all about spectacle and money.

The FIA are tightening the screws on the legacy races of the sport, such as Monaco, since so many organizers are knocking on the door, with their wallets ready.

If Madrid goes all out at IFEMA, the new floor for payments will be 50 million euros.

As Miami demonstrated, F1 wants to turn race weekends into money-making events, and the cities will be full of rich people who are there for more than the races.

F1 races should remain classic

As long as Silverstone, Spa, Monaco, and Monza do not disappear, the new races are welcome.

Between now and 2030, the calendar could grow to 30 races, if necessary.

In Europe, therefore, there may only be seven races at most, since they aren’t as lucrative.

Despite Kyalami’s rejection, other governments, such as Vietnam and Colombia, are seriously considering paying big bucks for the 2025 season.

South Korea will return soon, while Mexico could even host a second race on the calendar like the United States.

Generally speaking, it’s a good time for F1. When Liberty arrived, Manor, the 11th team, had just been sold in an insolvency proceeding for one pound.

“The mistake was clear before: you have to reach out to people who don’t know F1, offer entertainment, not only target existing customers,” said CEO Stefano Domenicali.

Today, we have to do things differently. Competition helps us find new ways to finance. That’s the challenge.”

Ten years ago, F1 was almost exclusively European. Now, you need a very strong entertainment culture.”

Gaming, rotation, and women

In light of the current staffing levels of the teams, an extra month of racing hardly makes sense.

Consequently, with 30 races, there will be mandatory rotation of staff units, forced staff holidays, and a third compulsory women’s car.

The five teams that will form the new Academy, an all-female competition, were announced this week. They include Campos Racing, ART Grand Prix (FRA), Carlin (GBR), MP Motorsport (HOL) and PREMA Racing (ITA).


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