Tiger Woods a victim of his own eagerness to play: I can’t walk


As planned, Tiger Woods was to compete in the Hero World Challenge this week, a tournament organized by his foundation. However, his comeback has been delayed.

Woods has not played since the last British Open, and the HWC was an auspicious event with no cut and few players, but plantar fasciitis has sidelined him. He did mention that he intends to play the PNC with his son Charlie, as he would be using a buggy.

Tiger spoke about his physical issues in the press room today as one of the tournament’s top officials.

Woods told reporters on Tuesday, “It was a tough decision because I wanted to play, but I can’t walk.”

I have overcome a few setbacks during the year that I was able to somehow play through, but not this one.

Only time can heal this one and I’ll have to stay off my feet and get a lot of treatment.”

His desire to be in the HWC worsened what was initially merely some discomfort, said the 18-time major winner.

Woods said, “The more I walked, the worse it got.”.

When you have plantar fasciitis, the worst thing you can do is walk, so I walked more and more and more, trying to get my legs ready for this event, and it made it worse.

So I had to shut it down and unfortunately, be the host of the event. So I can do that.”

As a result of other injuries to his leg, Woods also developed fasciitis.

LIV’s agreement

As expected, the subject of LIV Golf arose. Tiger says it is possible to reach an agreement with the Saudi Arabian circuit so long as they and the PGA Tour settle their court fight. However, he insists that LIV must take the initiative.

Woods says Greg Norman must leave so we can possibly have a stay between the two lawsuits and figure something out. “That’s what Rory [McIlroy] said,” he said.

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