‘You’re up against a machine,’ Tiger Woods’ ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel warns Erica Herman

Tiger Woods’ infamous mistress Rachel Uchitel has warned Erica Herman, the golfer’s most recent ex, that she is “up against a machine” in their ongoing legal battle.

According to Uchitel, Herman is attempting to nullify the non-disclosure agreement she signed when she began her relationship with the billionaire athlete, alleging that the agreement should not be enforced since it contains an exemption in case of sexual assault.

Having signed an NDA after her affair with Woods became public, Uchitel has cautioned Herman that silence is “not worth the money,” revealing that her own experience left her “silenced, broke, and ridiculed.”

‘You’re fighting a losing battle,’ Rachel Uchitel told Erica Herman.

During an interview with Daily Mail, Uchitel claimed that the NDA “ruined” her life and was signed under duress, alleging an abusive nature in the process.

Following this, she explained the differences between NDAs signed before and after the fact, arguing that Herman’s situation is different.

People sometimes sign NDAs before entering into relationships with celebrities or working for them, while others sign them after witnessing or participating in an incident and agreeing not to talk about it.

According to Uchitel, Herman is “up against a machine now” and being “gagged” by a contract is “the worst feeling in the world.”

Speculation abounds about what the future holds for Woods’ exes and their fight against the golf superstar’s empire as the legal battle between them heats up.


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