Hamilton: I’ve never seen a faster car than this Red Bull

A former world champion was amazed by the RB19’s performance at the start of the season

Red Bull has had a frightening start to the season. After two races, there have been two 1-2 finishes for the Austrian team.

Despite starting 15th in Saudi Arabia, Max Verstappen crossed the line in second place, 15 seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso in third.

The Dutchman’s dominance continues to be confirmed, even though no team doubted that he would make it. Alonso himself confirmed it after Saturday’s qualifying: “Verstappen will make it, don’t let Perez get distracted because he can win.”.

Lewis Hamilton also commented on Red Bull’s performance, saying it was the fastest F1 car he has ever seen.

In mid-race, Verstappen passed Hamilton, demonstrating the potential of the RB19.

“He passed me with a lot of speed, I didn’t even bother to cover him,” Hamilton said.

Comparison of Mercedes and Red Bull

Their ‘silver bullets’ dominated for seven consecutive seasons, with Hamilton winning six championships and Rosberg claiming all the world titles in 2016.

Hamilton admits that when we were fast, we weren’t that fast.

It was a banner year for the German team in 2014 with 16 victories, 18 pole positions, and 11 1-2 finishes, with 16 podium finishes for Hamilton and 15 for Rosberg.

In the following season, the then world champions won 16 of 19 Grand Prix.

A total of 19 victories were achieved by the Brackley-based team in 21 races during the 2016 season.

Between these three seasons, the team won 86.44 percent of the time.

With two victories in the first three weekends of the 2022 season and the two victories this season, the Austrian team would have won 19 out of 22 races, or 86.36%.

Hamilton is right if the trend of RB19 dominance continues in Australia and the European tour.


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