With their new golf course, Tiger Woods and Mike Trout hope to hit a hole in one

It is set to be near Trout’s stomping grounds in south New Jersey that Mike Trout and Tiger Woods will create a new golf course.

This great golf course will be designed by TGR Design, an architecture firm based in Vineland, New Jersey, where Trout and his wife Jessica spend most of their off-seasons.

Trout and his wife Jessica had dreamed about this project for years

A chance to own your own golf course is pretty incredible,” Trout told Sports Illustrated. “Getting Tiger to design it is incredible. If you had told me this would happen one day, I would’ve thought you were crazy.”

In addition, Trout explained that he and his wife have been discussing this for quite some time, even before the Covid 19 Pandemic, and the dream of building the course is becoming a reality.

Mike Trout’s favorite golfer is Tiger Woods

“I liked Tiger Woods growing up, so I thought it would be pretty cool to work with him,” Trout said about collaborating with him. When we reached out, we received a positive response and brought his team down to the site. Once they saw the site, they were blown away. I mean, it’s Tiger!”


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